Sentry - Coyote Case

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Sentry - Coyote Case
Sentry - Coyote Case Sentry - Coyote Case

Sentry - Coyote Case

The Sparrows Sentry Lock Pick Set is designed for the Military as an every day carry set. With many unique features the Sentry set is designed to work efficiently with modern Military equipment allowing for many different access and storage options. The back of the case has both Hook Velcro and Molle straps so that the set can be attached to gear or clothing.

The tools are stored in high pockets so that they can not fall out even when stored upside down. Each set comes with one long Malice strap for attaching the set to your gear. When not attached to your gear the Hook Velcro allows you to quickly attach the set to your person while picking locks so that tools are not left lying on the ground. The Tools are front loaded in a drop down flap so they can be viewed and accessed from chest rigs if attached. The eight lock picks are carefully chosen to cover the largest range of locks that might be encountered while deployed. This is a professional set of lock picks designed to be carried and used by Military, LEO and Security Professionals.

This set Includes

  • 1 x Best Buster Snake rake 0.025 Thick
  • 1 x Worm Rake 0.025 Thick
  • 1 x Small Half Diamond 0.025 Thick
  • 1 x Steep Hook 0.025 Thick
  • 1 x Offset Hybrid 0.025 Thick
  • 1 x Standard Short Hook 0.025 Thick
  • 1 x City Rake 0.025 Thick
  • 1 x High Reach 0.025 Thick
  • 3 x Tension Wrenches
  • 1 x SENTRY Case Coyote
  • 1 x Malice Clip

NOTE! May only be used on private property.

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