Super Bump Key Set

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Super Bump Key Set
Super Bump Key Set Super Bump Key Set

Super Bump Key Set

19 - Bump Keys This set is comprised of all of our other sets to make one very large set of Bump Keys. We have noticed a pattern and most LEO, FIRE, MIL and other professionals order all of our bump keys sets. So to make it easier we have put all the sets together and added a storage case. Bump keys are a highly effective method to quickly open locks. This set covers a large percentage of the lock that you might run into in the field.

This set includes

  • Schlage (SC1)
  • Kwikset (KW1)
  • Weiser (WR5)
  • Dexter (DE6)
  • Yale (Y1)
  • Master(M1)
  • American (A1045)
  • Arrow (AR1)
  • Yale (Y4)
  • Master (M10)
  • Schlage SC4
  • Schlage SC8
  • Schlage SC9
  • Weiser WR4
  • Yale Y2
  • Weslock WK 2 Five pin Weslock
  • WK2 Six Pin
  • Arrow AR4
  • Sargent 6 pin L1010N 
  • Sparrows Key Chain
  • Mini Hard Case

NOTE! May only be used on private property.

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