The Leather Tuxedo

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The Leather Tuxedo
The Leather Tuxedo The Leather Tuxedo

The Leather Tuxedo

If you are going to buy a Leather Tuxedo make sure it is Quality.

All the picks are the same as our classic Tuxedo set. Seven Picks and six wrenches of varying widths make up the set.
What makes this set special is the Case.
Made in the USA out of saddle grade leather this case has a grey lined interior and military spec hard action snap.
Seriously that's what they call it a "Military Spec Hard Action Snap". Their is a break in period on these snaps but they never wear down.
Two pockets hold all the tools and a Tag that show it is 100% MADE in the USA
This is an EDC lock pick set with a bit extra

This set Includes

  • 6 x Picks 0.025
  • 1 x Pick 0.015
  • 6 x Wrenches
  • 1 x Black Leather Case

NOTE! May only be used on private property.

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